Class EssentialsConfiguration

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public class EssentialsConfiguration extends Object
  • Field Details

    • configFile

      protected final File configFile
  • Constructor Details

    • EssentialsConfiguration

      public EssentialsConfiguration(File configFile)
    • EssentialsConfiguration

      public EssentialsConfiguration(File configFile, String templateName)
    • EssentialsConfiguration

      public EssentialsConfiguration(File configFile, String templateName, Class<?> resourceClass)
    • EssentialsConfiguration

      public EssentialsConfiguration(File configFile, String templateName, String header)
  • Method Details

    • getRootNode

      public org.spongepowered.configurate.CommentedConfigurationNode getRootNode()
    • setRootHolder

      public void setRootHolder(Class<?> holderClass, Object holder)
    • getFile

      public File getFile()
    • setProperty

      public void setProperty(String path, Location location)
    • getLocation

      public LazyLocation getLocation(String path) throws InvalidWorldException
    • getLocationSectionMap

      public Map<String,LazyLocation> getLocationSectionMap(String path)
    • setProperty

      public void setProperty(String path, List<?> list)
    • setExplicitList

      public <T> void setExplicitList(String path, List<T> list, Type type)
    • getList

      public <T> List<T> getList(String path, Class<T> type)
    • isList

      public boolean isList(String path)
    • setProperty

      public void setProperty(String path, String value)
    • getString

      public String getString(String path, String def)
    • setProperty

      public void setProperty(String path, boolean value)
    • getBoolean

      public boolean getBoolean(String path, boolean def)
    • isBoolean

      public boolean isBoolean(String path)
    • setProperty

      public void setProperty(String path, long value)
    • getLong

      public long getLong(String path, long def)
    • setProperty

      public void setProperty(String path, int value)
    • getInt

      public int getInt(String path, int def)
    • setProperty

      public void setProperty(String path, double value)
    • getDouble

      public double getDouble(String path, double def)
    • setProperty

      public void setProperty(String path, float value)
    • getFloat

      public float getFloat(String path, float def)
    • setProperty

      public void setProperty(String path, BigDecimal value)
    • getBigDecimal

      public BigDecimal getBigDecimal(String path, BigDecimal def)
    • setRaw

      public void setRaw(String path, Object value)
    • get

      public Object get(String path)
    • getSection

      public org.spongepowered.configurate.CommentedConfigurationNode getSection(String path)
    • newSection

      public org.spongepowered.configurate.CommentedConfigurationNode newSection()
    • getKeys

      public Set<String> getKeys()
    • getMap

      public Map<String,org.spongepowered.configurate.CommentedConfigurationNode> getMap()
    • getStringMap

      public Map<String,String> getStringMap(String path)
    • removeProperty

      public void removeProperty(String path)
    • hasProperty

      public boolean hasProperty(String path)
    • toSplitRoot

      public org.spongepowered.configurate.CommentedConfigurationNode toSplitRoot(String path, org.spongepowered.configurate.CommentedConfigurationNode node)
    • load

      public void load()
    • legacyFileExists

      public boolean legacyFileExists()
    • convertLegacyFile

      public void convertLegacyFile()
    • altFileExists

      public boolean altFileExists()
    • convertAltFile

      public void convertAltFile()
    • startTransaction

      public void startTransaction()
      Begins a transaction.

      A transaction informs Essentials to pause the saving of data. This is should be used when bulk operations are being done and data shouldn't be saved until after the transaction has been completed.

    • stopTransaction

      public void stopTransaction()
    • stopTransaction

      public void stopTransaction(boolean blocking)
    • isTransaction

      public boolean isTransaction()
    • setSaveHook

      public void setSaveHook(Runnable saveHook)
    • save

      public void save()
    • blockingSave

      public void blockingSave()