Package net.ess3.api

Interface IEssentials

All Superinterfaces:
CommandExecutor, IEssentials, Plugin, TabCompleter, TabExecutor
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface IEssentials extends IEssentials
This interface exposes certain extra methods implemented in the main class that are not implemented in IEssentials. External plugins should use this class instead of Essentials or IEssentials where possible.
  • Method Details

    • getVanishedPlayersNew

      Collection<String> getVanishedPlayersNew()
      Get a list of players who are vanished.
      A list of players who are vanished
    • getSpawnEggProvider

      net.ess3.provider.SpawnEggProvider getSpawnEggProvider()
      Get the spawn egg provider for the current platform.
      The current active spawn egg provider
    • getPotionMetaProvider

      net.ess3.provider.PotionMetaProvider getPotionMetaProvider()
      Get the potion meta provider for the current platform.
      The current active potion meta provider
    • getCustomItemResolver

      CustomItemResolver getCustomItemResolver()
      Get the CustomItemResolver that is currently in use. Note: external plugins should generally avoid using this. If you want to add custom items from your plugin, you probably want to implement your own IItemDb.ItemResolver.
      The custom item resolver