Class UserData

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public abstract class UserData extends PlayerExtension implements IConf
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    • reset

      public final void reset()
    • cleanup

      public final void cleanup()
    • reloadConfig

      public final void reloadConfig()
      Specified by:
      reloadConfig in interface IConf
    • getMoney

      public BigDecimal getMoney()
    • setMoney

      public void setMoney(BigDecimal value, boolean throwError) throws MaxMoneyException
    • getHome

      public Location getHome(String name)
    • hasValidHomes

      public boolean hasValidHomes()
    • getHome

      public Location getHome(Location world)
    • getHomes

      public List<String> getHomes()
    • setHome

      public void setHome(String name, Location loc)
    • delHome

      public void delHome(String name) throws Exception
    • renameHome

      public void renameHome(String name, String newName) throws Exception
    • hasHome

      public boolean hasHome()
    • hasHome

      public boolean hasHome(String name)
    • getNickname

      public String getNickname()
    • setNickname

      public void setNickname(String nick)
    • getUnlimited

      public Set<Material> getUnlimited()
    • hasUnlimited

      public boolean hasUnlimited(ItemStack stack)
    • setUnlimited

      public void setUnlimited(ItemStack stack, boolean state)
    • clearAllPowertools

      public void clearAllPowertools()
    • getPowertool

      public List<String> getPowertool(ItemStack stack)
    • getPowertool

      public List<String> getPowertool(Material material)
    • setPowertool

      public void setPowertool(ItemStack stack, List<String> commandList)
    • hasPowerTools

      public boolean hasPowerTools()
    • getLastLocation

      public Location getLastLocation()
    • setLastLocation

      public void setLastLocation(Location loc)
    • getLogoutLocation

      public Location getLogoutLocation()
    • setLogoutLocation

      public void setLogoutLocation(Location loc)
    • getLastTeleportTimestamp

      public long getLastTeleportTimestamp()
    • setLastTeleportTimestamp

      public void setLastTeleportTimestamp(long time)
    • getLastHealTimestamp

      public long getLastHealTimestamp()
    • setLastHealTimestamp

      public void setLastHealTimestamp(long time)
    • getJail

      public String getJail()
    • setJail

      public void setJail(String jail)
    • getMails

      @Deprecated public List<String> getMails()
      Mails are no longer just strings, this method is therefore misleading.
    • setMails

      @Deprecated public void setMails(List<String> mails)
      This method does not support the new mail system and will fail at runtime.
    • getMailAmount

      public int getMailAmount()
    • getUnreadMailAmount

      public int getUnreadMailAmount()
    • getMailMessages

      public ArrayList<MailMessage> getMailMessages()
    • setMailList

      public void setMailList(ArrayList<MailMessage> messages)
    • isTeleportEnabled

      public boolean isTeleportEnabled()
    • setTeleportEnabled

      public void setTeleportEnabled(boolean set)
    • isAutoTeleportEnabled

      public boolean isAutoTeleportEnabled()
    • setAutoTeleportEnabled

      public void setAutoTeleportEnabled(boolean set)
    • setIgnoredPlayers

      @Deprecated public void setIgnoredPlayers(List<String> players)
    • setIgnoredPlayerUUIDs

      public void setIgnoredPlayerUUIDs(List<UUID> players)
    • isIgnoredPlayer

      @Deprecated public boolean isIgnoredPlayer(String userName)
    • isIgnoredPlayer

      public boolean isIgnoredPlayer(IUser user)
    • _getIgnoredPlayers

      public List<UUID> _getIgnoredPlayers()
    • setIgnoredPlayer

      public void setIgnoredPlayer(IUser user, boolean set)
    • isGodModeEnabled

      public boolean isGodModeEnabled()
    • setGodModeEnabled

      public void setGodModeEnabled(boolean set)
    • getMuted

      public boolean getMuted()
    • isMuted

      public boolean isMuted()
    • setMuted

      public void setMuted(boolean set)
    • getMuteReason

      public String getMuteReason()
    • setMuteReason

      public void setMuteReason(String reason)
    • hasMuteReason

      public boolean hasMuteReason()
    • getMuteTimeout

      public long getMuteTimeout()
    • setMuteTimeout

      public void setMuteTimeout(long time)
    • isJailed

      public boolean isJailed()
    • setJailed

      public void setJailed(boolean set)
    • toggleJailed

      public boolean toggleJailed()
    • getJailTimeout

      public long getJailTimeout()
    • setJailTimeout

      public void setJailTimeout(long time)
    • getOnlineJailedTime

      public long getOnlineJailedTime()
    • setOnlineJailedTime

      public void setOnlineJailedTime(long onlineJailed)
    • getLastLogin

      public long getLastLogin()
    • setLastLogin

      public void setLastLogin(long time)
    • getLastLogout

      public long getLastLogout()
    • setLastLogout

      public void setLastLogout(long time)
    • getLastLoginAddress

      public String getLastLoginAddress()
    • isAfk

      public boolean isAfk()
    • _setAfk

      public void _setAfk(boolean set)
    • getGeoLocation

      public String getGeoLocation()
    • setGeoLocation

      public void setGeoLocation(String geolocation)
    • isSocialSpyEnabled

      public boolean isSocialSpyEnabled()
    • setSocialSpyEnabled

      public void setSocialSpyEnabled(boolean status)
    • isNPC

      public boolean isNPC()
    • setNPC

      public void setNPC(boolean set)
    • getLastAccountName

      public String getLastAccountName()
    • setLastAccountName

      public void setLastAccountName(String lastAccountName)
    • arePowerToolsEnabled

      public boolean arePowerToolsEnabled()
    • setPowerToolsEnabled

      public void setPowerToolsEnabled(boolean set)
    • togglePowerToolsEnabled

      public boolean togglePowerToolsEnabled()
    • getKitTimestamp

      public long getKitTimestamp(String name)
    • setKitTimestamp

      public void setKitTimestamp(String name, long time)
    • getCooldownsList

      public List<CommandCooldown> getCooldownsList()
    • getCommandCooldowns

      public Map<Pattern,Long> getCommandCooldowns()
    • getCommandCooldownExpiry

      public Date getCommandCooldownExpiry(String label)
    • addCommandCooldown

      public void addCommandCooldown(Pattern pattern, Date expiresAt, boolean save)
    • clearCommandCooldown

      public boolean clearCommandCooldown(Pattern pattern)
    • isAcceptingPay

      public boolean isAcceptingPay()
    • setAcceptingPay

      public void setAcceptingPay(boolean acceptingPay)
    • isPromptingPayConfirm

      public boolean isPromptingPayConfirm()
    • setPromptingPayConfirm

      public void setPromptingPayConfirm(boolean prompt)
    • isPromptingClearConfirm

      public boolean isPromptingClearConfirm()
    • setPromptingClearConfirm

      public void setPromptingClearConfirm(boolean prompt)
    • isLastMessageReplyRecipient

      public boolean isLastMessageReplyRecipient()
    • setLastMessageReplyRecipient

      public void setLastMessageReplyRecipient(boolean enabled)
    • isBaltopExcludeCache

      public boolean isBaltopExcludeCache()
    • setBaltopExemptCache

      public void setBaltopExemptCache(boolean baltopExempt)
    • getPastUsernames

      public List<String> getPastUsernames()
    • addPastUsername

      public void addPastUsername(String username)
    • isShouting

      public boolean isShouting()
    • setShouting

      public void setShouting(boolean shouting)
    • getConfigUUID

      public UUID getConfigUUID()
    • save

      public void save()
    • startTransaction

      public void startTransaction()
    • stopTransaction

      public void stopTransaction()
    • setConfigProperty

      public void setConfigProperty(String node, Object object)
    • setConfigPropertyRaw

      public void setConfigPropertyRaw(String node, Object object)
    • getConfigKeys

      public Set<String> getConfigKeys()
    • getConfigMap

      public Map<String,Object> getConfigMap()
    • getConfigMap

      public Map<String,Object> getConfigMap(String node)